Wednesday, March 17, 2010

They've hijacked St. Patrick's Day

Help!  St. Patrick has been kidnapped by the environmentalists!

It really irked me today to see headlines like "How you can go green this St. Patrick's Day."  St. Patrick's Day is the feast of St. Patrick, who converted the pagans of Ireland to Christianity, not a precursor to Earth Day!

The global warming/environmental/gaia religion gets on my nerves endlessly and today was no exception.  I love how they've hijacked a Christian holiday to further their own neopagan religion.  The green beer, green clothes, pinching, and corned beef have caused a lot of people to lose focus on the meaning of March 17 and now this.  Poor St. Patrick must be so disappointed!

It reminds me of the VeggieTales short about St. Patrick where the Irish people worshipped pond scum and shamrocks.  Little did they know how prophetic their little cartoon would be.

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