Saturday, October 29, 2011

All Hallows' Eve Costumes

Knight Templar Costume


• Pillowcase (white or cream-colored)

• Red felt

• Leather Belt

• Dark Hoodie and pants

• Toy Sword

Cut a cross from the felt and use fabric glue to attach it to the pillowcase. If you’re up to the task, feel free to sew it on! Cut holes for your child’s head and arms. Dress your child in dark pants and a dark hoodie, then put the pillowcase over the clothes. Fasten the leather belt around your child’s waist and you have your very own Knight Templar, ready to protect Christian pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land!

Here are some photos to use as models:


• White or Gray long-sleeved shirt (I used a onesie for 8-month-old Kolbe)

• Black iron-on letters and numbers

• Round glasses

• Rosary and/or picture of Mary

It's pretty self-explanatory -- just iron on the letters and numbers.  Here is a picture to use as a model:

St. Edward the Confessor Costume

OK, I didn't make this one, but I thought I'd give you ideas anyway!


  • Crown
  • Coat of Arms (see picture below)
  • Sword
  • Eyeliner for a beard
Here are some photos for inspiration:

This coat of arms is attribued to St. Edward the Confessor

Good luck and have a blessed All Saints' Day!

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